You are my coffee in my everyday’s conversation!

It’s brewing time!

Time to serve you with some brewing news on the latest Indian coffee ads featured on the television.

You can never convince a Tam bram without a cup of coffee, as most of them are ardent lovers.

Ideally a cup of Coffee,keeps your system in stand-by mode and also help’s in your daily morning downloads.

Despite these factual information, on the flip side, focus on today’s coffee ads is on how to build “ROMANCE”.

South Indian TV commercial ads are no excuse,as far as this is concerned.

From Surya and Jyothika who featured in the Nestcafe Ads to the most happening couple – Karthik ( Surya’s brother) and Kajal Agarwal chosen as the brand ambassador of Bru Coffee, another major contender to the former brand, these coffee ads are nothing but stresses on the bonding of the couples!

Coffee day lounges – Cafe Coffee day are parallely setting a benchmark to the local coffee brands like Bru, Nestle, Sunrise with a unique selling proposition – ” A lot can happen over a Coffee…”.

It’s not too late than never to see filter coffees taking a backseat.

One of the recent coffee ad commercial featuring a husband trying to turn innovative by replacing the stand of a light lamp with that of the coffee decoction container, with an advise to her wife on resorting to the instant Bru filter coffee mix!

Though, the history of availing filter coffee powder is slowly waning away.

Tanjara,Filter Coffee powder came out with a refreshing concept featuring two twin young lasses, Poonam & Priyanka shaking their legs to a classical Bharatnatyam remix.

Though Tanjara’s has worked toward’s highlighting the dance of Tamil Nadu and showcasing the talents of these young girls, but the brand has ultimately turned sexist to the idea of promoting the brand.

The ad commercial showcases a mom with her twin sons visiting the prospective bride’s house, where the twin lasses dances and impresses the son and the would be mother-in law with a cup of coffee..!!

So, these coffee commercials are instilling the idea of how to select coffee partners rather than selling quality coffee powders.


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