IoT taking the next big move…

Biology says – “Cell” is the fundamental unit in our body,

Technology says – “Cellular network” is the fundamental unit for our sustenance in this world!

It’s an alarming fact that if you wish to or not, you need to be a part of this digitization.

If not – then you will be valued just as an outdated gadget.

Now, technological resurgence has found its way to invade our home space too.

Wondering how?

It’s none other than the IOT (Internet of things).2016 was indeed the foundation year for Internet of things.This year, we expect even more monetization and IOT hardware and software related systems embedded in everyday appliances.Presence of these embedded chips in real time objects determines how we interact with our possessions.

Think of a bread toaster which eventually sends out a message “That my spare parts are worn out..Please repair me…! Hence, you need not hunt to repair and get a new toaster.Moreover, it keeps a record of how many slices of bread you have toasted and temperature set on each cooking process. Hence, all analytics are recorded.

Though far-fetched, IOT is all set to make its ubiquitous presence in almost all sectors.

Cosmetic and Healthcare industries have geared themselves up for welcoming IOT in their products. Two factors are alarming when it comes to buying these products – firstly, these products are over-priced and secondly, only tech savvy people with luxury might think of embracing IOT with their lifestyle habit. Products like Oral B’s smart tooth brush and L’oreal hair brush with their smart sensors of hair and skin is all set to unleash in the market.

IOT market is all set to lure in one of Asia’s largest slum – Dharavi located in Mumbai. Some of the students from Industrial Design Center and IIT Bombay are aiming to create a “Physical web”, which in future will help in the uplift of some of the talented merchants of this area. These students have created a pilot project in which 100 beacon devices has been alloted by Google. This device will connect to any smart phone or real time object and lets’ retailer send alerts on the nearby shops of the location. As Dharavi is considered a haven for good quality leather, textiles, pottery and other craft products. Thus, with the help of IOT this area in future will turn into an ‘Technological hub’. This project now at a pilot level can be taken as an advanced initiative to tap more such locations and help talent and quality reach the right target audience.

It’s now time to let our devices grow! Due to artificial intelligence, your smart devices will have the necessary artificial intelligence to perform unassisted tasks. But they would need a helping hand for trusting other machines. This technology known has block chain technology where in a drone enabled with a block-chain chip gains private access through a computer controlled window to deliver a package or recharge this device. But if someone guides the drone to hack or do something illegally – it might end up in consequences!

Hence, though Iot society might have contributed much to ease our lifestyle. Individuals who have designed such stuffs need to create that trust factor among the prospective customers and themselves – to use these products with least assistance, thereby creating a business identity.


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