Marketing Tactics of Cupid Brands

Every brand is an emotion!

Moreover, they have never left an opportunity to connect with our emotions.

Valentine’s day may be stereotyped as a special day for those special ones aka couples! Then, what about those who have been through your thick-and-thin and yet not loved ?

They may be someone from your family, may be your next-seat-colleague who motivates you every time, after every rant and rave from your manager or may be your hostel roomie and the list can be endless!

Hence, brands have taken emotion as an element to come up with campaigns which are no more cliched.

From organ donation to taboo topics on LGBT and homosexual relationship – brands this year has taken a bold move. Its glad to see some of the national as well as international brands shifting their focus from that special one being loved to a special move to be taken!

If not now then never.

Jewellery brands like Tanishq and Caratlate have come up with campaigns like #Everydaylove #Giftfulloflove. The concept of these campaigns revolves around the idea that Valentines day is not just meant for couples to exchange gifts but its more than that. The idea is few people brighten up our day by their simple gestures which indeed makes our day.Why not you owe them that something “special”?

KidneyShaped Love is the campaign brought back by NHS Organ Donation, which raises awareness of donating good condition Kidney to someone who is fighting dialysis. This Valentines day you need not donate your heart for which you need to be dead. Instead be a Kidney donor !

#Breakthebarrier digital campaign idea ted by Closeup brand is indeed a bold move. The brand has nailed it straight by saying love doesn’t knock doors seeing age, race and gender.The story line has been beautifully spun by showing love with same sex , different race and atlast younger men dating a older women.

A similar  move has been taken by MTV which stands for the youth saying #LoveCantBeChee. The campaign literally shows rage towards Indian mindset who blindly overlook the disgusting things done in public, but cannot digest looking at couples  or same-sex couples,showing their love for each other.

After all who doesn’t like to get that extra attention or expression of personal emotion ?

Understanding our target audience and the market of chocolates – Nestle Alpino came up with a digital campaign positioned as ‘Love’s Little Helper‘. Hence, they partnered with rom-com writer Anuja Chauhan who would have special love notes drafted by her on special Alpino packs.

For other brands like Oreo, Oppo – lovey-dovey is in the air, as they have come up with a new variant to gift to that special one! Also, Cadbury unveiled a new digital campaign #SayItWithSilk with a new limited packaging designed especially for Valentines day. Snickers came up with an interactive billboard campaign asking passersby to peel off greeting cards from the billboard which features “You’re Forgetful When You’re Hungry,”.The idea is to avoid fallout of having overlooked the big day. May be they might grabbing some snickers for that last-minute meeting with that special one.

Good night fabric roll-on mosquito repellent came up with a digital campaign #LoveOutdoors. Here, they not try to market their product but also throws insight on recreation for a child today! The concept shows a child who throws a question to himself as whether to play with a play station or to play cricket? Today, hardly children’s are seen playing outside. Hence the idea is to make children play outdoors with safeguard from mosquitoes.

Thus, its been more than ROMANCE for these brands. Thoughtful initiatives and breaking ones set boundaries has been a highly appreciable subject this year!

Hope these brands come up with more such campaigns the next year too ! 😀



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