Chai for a cause !

We proclaim ourselves as Indians and take pride in originating from India. But as a matter of ridicule we live in a land – where a problem catering to corruption and women still continues!

By when are we going to put an end to it?

We have endless politicians fighting to end corruption and aim in bettering the society. Whereas, on the flip side you can get top most news on women being sexualised, tormented, raped and murdered and what not!

Do we really aim in powering or em-powering women? We live in a democratic country and as citizens we have every right to contest our votes for the right candidate? But does our choice of selecting the right leader, stir any effect in putting an end to the so-called loopholes of our society?

The year 2017 would be a remarkable year for Mr.Narendra Modi, for having devised a tactical plan of demonetization. While, it is appreciable on his part of having taken such a radical step – the commoners are left with no other go, but to suffer! As Rs 500, Rs 1000 are nothing, but worthless pieces of paper.

His strategy created a stir which even Anna-Hazare anti-corruption campaign did not.

Choosing an effective leader plays an important role in the betterment of the society. What if Late. Jayalalithaa reined the State of West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee ruled Tamil Nadu as the Chief Minister?

I know…it would definitely give Tamil Nadu government sleepless nights: D

The reason of stating this here is – still Eastern Bengal is not the safest place and is also stunted in terms of economic growth, manufacture of trading units. Though the state evidences a high literacy rate, lack of bold policies is slated behind the states backwardness. Moreover, most of Mamata’s promises as a rail minister are still on paper. If promises cannot be properly carried out, why are they ultimately made for the people?

To get trapped and baited?

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned – issues have been revolving around still with fisherman and farmers. An Indian Fisherman was shot dead by a SriLankan Navy as the former was found fishing in SriLankan territory. Don’t you think it’s ruthless?

We live in a country where availing fresh water is a scarce affair and parts of South India have been no exception. In such a country, when researches have put forward a plan to the TN government for utilising green lands of farmers for Hydrocarbon Project. Did government go blind to their request and wanted the commoners and few political leaders to fight till the plea is taken back?

Like this, there are helluva of cases which are unnoticed in different parts of India.

But advertising streams never take a back turn when it comes to making a cause marketing initiative.

One such initiative is the Jaago Re Campaign by Tata Tea Global Beverages. Here, their main focus in their recent and previous ad commercials is not just be a rejuvenating beverage but as a social-awakener. Hence, recent ad commercial – Alaram Bajne Se Pehle Jaag Jao asks us to pre-act selflessly. One can also be a leader amongst us if our initiatives are selfless and not after everything is over. Brands today very well know which area to target in order to get their marketing done! Not to be offensive, we Indians are a bit sentimental and anything that happens against our country empowers us. But, our main drawback is we do not fight and overcome. Instead, we silently surrender and become predators to it.

Also, many of the earlier campaigns like Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru, Choti Shuruvaat, Power of 49, Soch Badlo etc have been highlighting against anti-corruption, position of women in society.

If you ask me personally, have these campaigns brought a change in our society.

It’s a No!

The reason is – despite being politically active; we do not take part in any political confrontations. Society has just learned to suppress their concerns, emotions, grievances and never learned to repress out!

Moreover, these campaigns will never bring out a change in our society if we do not !



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